Solid Ash Window, Porthole and Mushroom Vent Trims

I’ve been making quite a few of these recently, but tend not to post them here as I will fill the site with just porthole liners! These however are a little different as they have a rounded face of a thicker section than usual, so are a good example of a different type of profile. Also, here we have window trims with rounded corners which use every aspect of routing rather than the traditional turning of the round liners. The window trims are made over sized and routed and sanded to size. A skilled and labour intensive task to get them to sleeve over the metal frame of a window with only 1-2mm of clearance. Also a nice example of how a matching profile can be used on mushroom trims, porthole and window liners.

Window Liners Mushroom Vent Trims Window Liners Mushroom Vent Trims Ash Rounded Face Ash Rounded Face

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