Set of 8 large port hole liners in Solid Oak

The largest and deepest set of liners I’ve made to date, made from solid Oak. 6 liners at over 80mm (3 ¼”) deep and 565mm (22”) diameter and 2 off slightly thinner. These are to suit a 15” porthole and have a large outer flange to lap over the boat lining. I have added a larger inside round over then I usually produce to match the scale of the oversize depth and flange. Built from 2 layers of 6 segments, rather then made from many multiple layers with lots of joins, (see rim detail image). All my porthole liners are individually hand made on a tradition wood lathe. In this case, I had to make an extension to the lathe so they would swing over the tool rest without fowling the machine, so I can now turn a 2’ diameter (over 600mm)! Sanded smooth, with no unsightly screw holes, so you can choose the fixing method of your choice. If you would like something similar please contact me.

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